Granada, Nicaragua is situated on the Northwest edge of Lake Nicaragua. Founded by the Spanish in the sixteenth century, the cobblestone streets bear witness to nearly five centuries of territorial and political conflict. Granada is known for its rich colonial history and as magnet for tourists.

Located on the edge of the city, off the paved road and down a rutted side street, a modest gated compound is home to a group of teen age boys. An unexpected visitor might find the boys in the middle of a math lesson, practicing carpentry skills, or in the dust of a soccer match. Seemingly normal activities for a group of very special young men.

Their backgrounds vary.  Some dropped out of school at an early age and started working the streets.  Some are convicted juvenile criminals.  Some are recovering addicts.  Most don’t know their father.  Each of them accepted an invitation to escape the dangers of the streets and start their life anew.

The boys receive three hours of academic instruction and three hours of vocational training each day.  They adhere to a strict code of conduct. Upon graduation they are fully prepared and committed to contribute to the community. This is the School of New Life.

Boys Boarding School GCO2