Another Year or a NEW Year?

I stand on the front step of our home and sweep my eyes along the road from left to right.  It is nearly midnight, but the darkness is punctured by the bonfires that litter the street.  It sounds like a war zone: The staccato popping of firecrackers interrupt the hissing flames as youngsters scream and […] Read More

New Partner Announcement

Juan Carlito’s eight-year old body pulses with excitement.  The books laid out before him cause his eyes to jump chaotically from the table to his teacher to me and back.  His child-sized hands paw at the covers, as if they might suddenly vanish if he doesn’t touch each one in time.  Limited to checking out […] Read More

T’was the week before Christmas – A Poem

T’was the week before Christmas, and all through my home Chaos infringed on peace and shalom. The orders were placed, Amazon soon would ship here Hopes for new clothing, RC cars, craft beers.   The presents are hidden in the closet with care that these gifts, though unequal, my three kids will find fair. Open […] Read More

A New Ministry is Born

We are excited to announce the birth of a new ministry. Go For Hope International is founded on the hope of personal, spiritual and physical transformation through service to the body of Christ, as promised in Ephesians 4. We are hustling to build our website and get everything up and running. In the meantime, please […] Read More