Calling all difference-makers

The crowded airplane barely comes to rest at the gate before passengers push hips and shoulders into the aisles.  I stay seated, my hands folded calmly across my lap.  It is not the weariness of nearly 20 travel hours that keep me in seat 34B.  Nor do I feel anxious about separating myself from the […] Read More

Going on Faith: Nicaragua 2012

This is not your parents’ vacation. It is not Disneyland.  It is not Hawaii.  It is not a cruise or tourism as you know it. This is Meaningful Travel.  It is authentic cultural exchange.  It is adventure.  It is brave and new and different. You will spend 10 days experiencing life in the 2nd poorest […] Read More

Making the Grade

One third of Nicaraguan children fail to reach the 6th grade, the majority of these dropping out before learning the math and reading skills they will need for a secure future.  These children deserve a better quality of life, but their success is threatened by poor access to basic education. Go For Hope International is […] Read More

Run with Perseverance…

My attitude is suffering.  The last two climbs took a lot out of me, and I’m still only 21 miles into this 31 mile race.  The current climb, the hardest of the three major peaks on our route, is notably steep, rocky, and exposed to the sun.  The incline is so severe that I can […] Read More

Current Needs

Things are moving very fast here at GFH headquarters.  Here is a quick list of current and upcoming needs.  Please contact us if you would like to contribute. TRIP TO NICARAGUA SCHEDULES!! If you haven’t already seen it, we have posted information and an interest sheet download for our upcoming trips to Nicaragua.  Go check […] Read More

Team and Support Building

Another step of faith… Lindy and I have taken the step of faith to go into ministry full time.  We are actively building a team who desires to support us in our committment to GFH.  While financial support is critical, it is not the only means of support.  If you feel lead to be part […] Read More

Presentations Past and Upcoming

Last Sunday… On Sunday January 22nd I had the priviledge of speaking to a dedicated group of early advocates.  I learned two things: There is a growing number of people who have taken ownership of what Go For Hope stands for, and they are emotionally invested in seeing it succeed. Go For Hope is attracting […] Read More

Projects and Adventures

An authentic cultural experience… We are pulling together all the parts to make our Nicaragua trips truly reflect the concept of “meaningful travel”.  We have identified and made preliminary arrangements with several projects and partners, including: The Hope Project / The Hope Academy: Providing educational access to street kids The Hope Project / Well Water […] Read More

I Am Willing

Unto the Lord… I knew that living in Nicaragua for nine months would change me, but I didn’t realize how deeply that change was rooted until about two weeks ago.  Even though I enjoyed self-employment and kept bread on the table for most of my career (excepting our personal econom-aggedon of 2008-2010) I really struggled re-starting […] Read More

Volunteer Opportunity – Marketing and Design

Go For Hope International is looking for a marketing and graphics design whiz who can help us with a couple of urgent projects.  We are specifically looking for help creating collateral for our church partners, to include: -Invitation/Touch Cards -An “About” brochure -A “trip” brochure These are the immediate project needs, but there will be […] Read More