Community Library Projects

Every Child Deserves A Chance In Nicaragua… Out of 100 children who start the first grade this year, 51 of them will complete the 5th grade. The average Nicaraguan adult aged 25-40 has 4.6 years of formal schooling. Nicaragua spends $62 per year per student.  In contrast, the United States spends an average of $10,600. […] Read More

2013 Review in Pictures

2013 was a hope-filled year thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters like you. Check out some of our favorite pictures.

Don’t miss Go For Hope on Q13 FOX News [UPDATED]

We’re going to be on TV! We’re so excited to announce that Q13 FOX News This Morning has recorded a segment about Go For Hope that is scheduled to air on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. Where Q13 FOX News, channel 13 When Tuesday, July 23, 2013 morning news and again in the afternoon Tune In […] Read More

Project update: baseball academy

On the third day of my trip I visited the stadium at Tipitapa where, just four months ago, a high school baseball team from Scottsdale, Arizona played seven spirited and good natured innings against

Thank you, donors!

On behalf of students, teachers and parents in Nicaragua, we express our gratitude to our 2012 donors and supporters: Special Thanks to our Donors: L Alvarado-Smith C Anderson J Bradford M Burton G Cerbana T Clark E Cotton K Crawbuck M Dahukey A Dao C Daughtrey J Denby-Stewart C Eagan J Elazrak J Flennaugh C […] Read More

Profile of Hope: Aspirations of a 10 year-old girl in Nicaragua

I met Osiris in August in a sweltering tin-roofed classroom.  Her appearance told of a ten year-old girl in an impoverished community: easy smile, sweet demeanor, dirt under her fingernails and smudges on her dress.  Just before we met, Osiris had taken up Nicaraguan folk dancing.  Enthralled with this artistic expression of Nicaragua’s rich history, […] Read More

Profile of Hope: A professor with a purpose

Despite primitive and unsafe conditions at many schools, bright lights like Alfredo Mairena shine in Nicaragua.  With a double degree in business and environmental science and 25 years of teaching experience, Señor Alfredo has the qualifications to teach at the university level and earn a comfortable living.  Instead he teaches a severely overcrowded 3rd grade […] Read More

Project Update: Success at Cristo Rey!

As our video shows, dangerously substandard construction, overcrowding, and lack of materials are the primary barriers to quality education for the children at Escuela Cristo Rey.  Our project consists of building three new safe, secure classrooms, three new washrooms, and providing post-build classroom materials and teacher training. UPDATE! We recently received news that the government of […] Read More

Make your Travel Meaningful in 2013

Go For Hope is proud to offer Meaningful Travel to Nicaragua: trips for families, schools and church groups designed to provide purposeful insight into cultural, spiritual, and economic differences between the US and Nicaragua.  We are excited to kick off our 2013 trip calendar with a group of high school students from Scottsdale Christian Academy.  […] Read More

All I Want for Christmas

…Is for every child regardless of nationality or economic status to receive a quality education.   Nicaragua spends just $62 per year per student in public education compared to the US national average of $10,680 per student per year.  The lack of investment hits the poorest children the hardest: 80% of the children who drop […] Read More