Values and Vision

We believe education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights.

We believe that making an investment of time and resources into the education of a child stands on its own merit as a worthy endeavor, and does not require further justification.

We believe the goal of education is to equip a child with the skills to learn, reason, create and discern his or her purpose in the world, rather than the accumulation of facts.

We envision a world in which every child, regardless of income, gender, or background, is guaranteed access to a quality education that provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue a more just and equitable future.

Mission and Purpose

We exist to close the education gap for children in Nicaragua by working with nationals dedicated to holistic and sustainable solutions that equip students to achieve educational success.  


We are a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington, organized for the purpose of charitable investments in education in Nicaragua. We act as a conduit, connecting private and public resources with indigenous education programs.

Additionally, we lead groups on service-learning trips. Revenue earned from trips offsets our operating and overhead costs. This allows us to apply a greater portion of donor funds to the work of educating Nicaraguan youth.