How does Meaningful Travel differ from traditional travel?  Why would you want to take your family on a Go For Hope trip, rather than a trip to Disneyland or Cabo?  It’s all about the projects…

Our projects are part service, part cultural experience, part fun and adventure.  Our project itineraries create opportunities for personal transformation, spiritual renewal, and life-long memories.

We reject the glossy-brochure notion that a good vacation looks like a sterilized, homogenized, franchised version of paradise.  Instead, we embrace the beauty of relationships formed, bonds strengthened, and goals attained.  One week on vacation might give you a break; one week of meaningful travel will change your life.

In partnership with our host country community leaders, we select projects that are in line with our core values, and that we have the capability and capacity to accomplish.  Generally speaking, we seek projects that meet the following criteria:

  • The project does not create a dependency in the host country.  We believe in long-term sustainability.
  • We are not focused on either evangelism or relief efforts.  Other organizations are better suited to these objectives.
  • We seek projects that have broad support in the host community and are lead by our host country partners.
  • We seek projects that are focused on Empowerment through Education or Entrepreneurship.

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