On behalf of students, teachers and parents in Nicaragua, we express our gratitude to our 2012 donors and supporters:

Special Thanks to our Donors:

L Alvarado-Smith
C Anderson
J Bradford
M Burton
G Cerbana
T Clark
E Cotton
K Crawbuck
M Dahukey
A Dao
C Daughtrey
J Denby-Stewart
C Eagan
J Elazrak
J Flennaugh
C Foreman
J Gallo
J Golej
M Hahn
A Halabi
H Hanna
P Ingram
K Kanagaraj
J Kappe
R Kennett
D Kim
B Klopp
J Light
R Light
K Loehrmann
K Lufti
G Makarenko
J Mattingly
S Menella
T Moffatt
J Mortensen
B Namie
S Nolan
M Rajanna
W Ralston
J Richards
P Rikkinen
P Rivas
M Roach II
D Scott
J Shapiro
V Smith-Casem
W Thayer
J Tweden
M Vander Pol
I Wagner
W Wedlock
T Wreden

And our Corporate and Church Supporters

Chicago Title King County
Clark Chiropractic
International Christian Center
Life Community Church
Masters of Beat LLC
Microsoft Matching Gifts
Dependable Wheel Repair

“If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”

Thank you for helping us go very far, together.