As our video shows, dangerously substandard construction, overcrowding, and lack of materials are the primary barriers to quality education for the children at Escuela Cristo Rey.  Our project consists of building three new safe, secure classrooms, three new washrooms, and providing post-build classroom materials and teacher training.

UPDATE! We recently received news that the government of Nicaragua has taken over the project and will build 12 new classrooms!  Once proper classrooms have been completed, we can proceed with post-build programs: equip students with desks, chairs, books and materials.  The children of Escuela Cristo Rey still need your support, but now they can look forward to learning in brand new classrooms!

This major milestone at Escuela Cristo Rey marks just one of many exciting stories unfolding as we enter 2013.  Learn more about what we do, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.

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