Despite primitive and unsafe conditions at many schools, bright lights like Alfredo Mairena shine in Nicaragua.  With a double degree in business and environmental science and 25 years of teaching experience, Señor Alfredo has the qualifications to teach at the university level and earn a comfortable living.  Instead he teaches a severely overcrowded 3rd grade class under a corrugated tin roof.  Surrounded by the kinetic energy of 50 bright-eyed boys and girls, I asked him about his choice. “I feel that it is important to give what I can to the next generation.  Our classrooms don’t have visual aids and the teachers don’t receive enough training, so to keep kids in class I get involved in their lives” he explained in Spanish.  He regularly calls or visits the families of his students, and they adore and respect him in return.  Just like our monthly donors, Señor Alfredo is contributing to the solution and doing his part to ensure education equality in Nicaragua.