TO: Go For Hope Supporters
FROM:  Joe Hafner


I’m leaving for Nicaragua August 26th for a week, and I have some specific strategic objectives for Go For Hope’s mission.


My first objective is to research, visit and “adopt” a community that is in need of, and capable of receiving educational assistance. I have received a couple of leads in addition to the communities that I’m already familiar with, but I’m sure there are unmet needs throughout the region that I should be aware of.


My second objective is to add several on-the-ground educational organizations to our network. Again, I have received a couple of potential contacts in addition to those I am already aware of, but I’m actively seeking more.

One of the cultural paradigms that I will encounter in Nicaragua is a strong bias against disappointing a guest, which can result in spoken commitments that cannot be fulfilled. With that in mind, I plan to engage with:

  1. a spirit of compassion and understanding for cultural differences;
  2. discernment in relationships and agreements;
  3. like-mindedness with my partners in Nicaragua in how we seek to serve.

You may follow along with my trip at  Thank you for partnering with me in serving those who are most vulnerable to the injustices of poverty.