“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice…sometimes it falls on a generation to be great.  You can be that great generation.  Let your greatness blossom.”

~Nelson Mandela

The vision of Go For Hope International is to eradicate generational poverty in Central America in our lifetime.  In my role as the founder of Go For Hope I am all-too-frequently overwhelmed by the responsibility of the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that must be accomplished to make progress toward this goal.  But it will not be achieved by the efforts of one person, or five or fifty.  It requires thousands of individuals willing to lock arms, unified in common purpose, motivated by shared values of generosity and compassion, yet distinct in their roles and functions.

So today I offer an emphatic “Thank You” to all of the individuals who have stepped into the gap to bring education to children.  As I write this I can picture each of you in my mind.  You have donated your money, your time or your talents.  You have offered an encouraging word, said a prayer, or shared us with a friend.  You have bought me a cup of coffee, connected me with a potential supporter, or challenged my thinking.

In July we hit a milestone: You have donated sufficient funds to bring education to all the children in an entire village.  Through our network of community partners, we supply books, school supplies, curriculum and safe learning environments.  For about the price of a Happy Meal we can supply the needs of one child in a rural village.  For the price of a mid-range laptop we can secure educational resources for an entire village and provide an entire generation with a sound foundation for the future.  We will be on the ground in Nicaragua in October, and we are eager to see the impact of your contributions.

Thank you for caring.  Thank you for following your heart.  Thank you for allowing us to be the instrument of your compassion.  Thank you for seeking justice.  Thank you for letting your greatness blossom.