Ryan Light (Twitter @forgiven_70x7) is running the ING New York Marathon on November 4th, 2012.  A quick trip down his Facebook timeline and you’ll discover Ryan’s dedication to running is surpassed only by his adoration of his family and his commitment to his faith.  Updates about his career as a program manager at Microsoft occupy the remainder of his posts.

Ryan grew up in New York and running the marathon is a lifelong dream of his.  He also knows first-hand the lasting impacts of education, both good and bad, and believes in the Go For Hope mission and vision to use education as a tool for sustainable change. Learn more about Ryan and help him reach his goal to provide education to five villages in rural Nicaragua.

My own charity run is coming up this weekend.  The Speedgoat 50k near Salt Lake City, UT is July 28th, 2012.  It is 11,500′ of climbing, most of which is above 9200′ altitude.  This will be my 3rd ultramarathon this year, and by far the most challenging.  Why run an ultramarathon for charity?  This video explains:

Running for charity is a lot like running a charity.  It takes focus, a long-term outlook, and most of all a team willing to support you.  Please consider offering your support for Ryan or Joe, or starting your own.