This is not your parents’ vacation.

It is not Disneyland.  It is not Hawaii.  It is not a cruise or tourism as you know it.

This is Meaningful Travel.  It is authentic cultural exchange.  It is adventure.  It is brave and new and different.

You will spend 10 days experiencing life in the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  You will serve alongside a rural library project where the children are overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement to check out two books per month.  You will visit an orphanage where the children will show you more love than you can comprehend, if you will just sit and color with them.  Your kids will join in games of street soccer with wadded up leaves and paper scraps, no score-keeping, and more laughing then they ever do in front of a computer.

This will change your life. And your children’s lives.

And all for a good cause.

Trips are currently filling up for October, 2012.

Download the info sheet here.

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